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Monday, April 6


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He is one of the biggest boys in Nigeria. He lives an expensive lifestyle and showcases his wealth on Instagram. He has also been mentioned in music by artistes such as Reminisce, Small Doctor and 9ice. His real name is Oluwasegun Akinola Opaogun, a.k.a. ‘OpaSix’ (meaning, the pillar that holds six).

OpaSix has extended his charity towards music. This is evident when Reminisce once rapped his praise: “Shout out si awon omo mi ni Malay waya waya, Opa 6ix” on 2Mushh. Street pop artiste Small Doctor also had thankful heart on Uzobu off his ‘Omo Iya Teacher’ sophomore album.

He is recognized for his heavy spending. This Nigerian Yahoo-boy (internet fraudster) makes the common Nigerian youth see no motive why they need two kidneys, one can do the work – sell the other.


For those that usually hear Reminisce, Hakym the Lamba and other Nigerian artistes mention or probably scream OpaSix in their songs – he is renowned yahoo-boy who wants to be popular. Especially Reminisce with this catchy phrase “OpaSix Ijaya jaya” (meaning the indomitable OpaSix) in his “2musssh” track.


The story between Kayode Phillips and OpaSix reminds me of the beef between Rappers, Sauce Kid (who wants to be known as Sinzu) and Godwon. Let’s get down to what Kayode Phillips had to say about OpaSix first before we turn the table around. “Well, the so called OpaSix is so BROKE that he charges upcoming yahoo-boys two thousand naira to train them”, this is according to Kayode Phillips who is also a renowned yahoo-boy – both are internationally known in Egypt, Malaysia, South Africa to mention a few countries these two yahoo-boys plight their illegal trade.

According to Opa6ix, Kayode Phillips is a Fool – why is he a fool, Kayode is suppose to be the baby-daddy of 2 kids which future I actually pity now that their paternity is not certain. According to Opa6ix, Kayode was introduced to an Olosho Blessing who is a known whore at club Options in Toyin street, Ikeja who bore him a girl and another ashewo popularly called Seun Cement (Because she stays at Cement, Lagos-Abeokuta express, Ikeja). Opa6ix revealed he introduced him to both Seun and Blessing after he came back from Egypt at Club options and instead of the usual one night stand, i guess Blessing (Options Olosho) worked her magic on Kayode’s d!ck and he got addicted till she got pregnant and Seun Cement too – I guess Kayode Philips hasn’t heard this moto “W.O.F.O” – We Only Fvck Once. The one that got me worried for those kids was when Opa6ix mentioned “Lumi” another known Yahoo-boy who was also banging Seun Cement at that time. This Olosho girls are either good with what they do or probably carry a pvssy plus around.

“I can count how many b!tch you carry come SA and Malay…. where is Ester today? Love of ya life… folla whizzy and many more.. FOOL.” Opa6ix tagged one of his post on IG.

The story just started o…. Chill below is Opa6ix own… I can’t laugh abeg. The thing is these two boys are wanted by EFCC but there is no proof against them yet, a source at told us and Interpol isn’t looking for them yet cause their illegal runs is still clean when they are abroad.

Here is Opa6ix story, we all know Opa6ix is broke, if you didn’t know well now you do but we didn’t know he was this broke but thanks to Kayode Philips we now do

According to Kayode, Opa6ix daughter calls him a useless daddy, Opa6ix got married amd divorced the second day cause of residential pa$$port. Lmao! boys are wicked o! Opa6ix chased his wife and daughter away from the apartment he rented for them, he collected the Infiniti FX45 he bought for his ex-wife and sold it cause he was broke. Opa6ix is onigbese (Debtor) at all the clubs in Lagos that the owner of AURA locked him out cause he was still owing them millions of naira. Thank God they didn’t lock him in jail.

This one really hurts me – Kayode also mentioned that where he was living in year 2000, is where Opa6ix keep his mum with the same old furniture 🙁 no improvement with all the money we heard Opa6ix hav or had he can’t buy a home in his own name or his mum’s name – Opa6ix mum is living in poverty okgist gathered. 13 years ago furniture same house, no improvement. You’re free to say Opa6ix is USELESS.

The funny one is Opa6ix now charges boys 2000naira to learn wire wire… Lmao! if you’re interested in learning “Wire Wire” *In Reminisce Voice* goto Opa6ix fee is just two thousand naira.

Kayode took his time to list all his points – “Mr Opa have you forgotten your Nigerian-American wife was a prostitute?” Ghen Ghen! Opa6ix is engaged to another girl who he claims is his girlfriend and yet she still need Sugar daddies to survive in South Africa.

Opa6ix is so broke that Kayode Philips said his younger brother is richer than him. Buhahahahaha!

These two guys are friends and one of the early yahoo-boys to hit it big but now Kayode said he taught Opa6ix all he knows about “Wire Wire”.

Pretty Mike of Club Uno knows these two yahoo-boys cause they are customers at Club Uno – “Founders n King makers pls stop this, I take God Beg una” he posted on Opa6ix page begging them to stop exposing themselves. I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of this saga.

Let us know who you think is exposing the other better? If you’re a member of Opa6ix gang or Kayode Philips own and you have more proof for us, we will be glad to make it available to the world.”

Opa6ix isn’t also a stranger to the game, he’s been around for a whilst and asserted his prominence as a flamboyant spender.


Disclaimer: Contents of the blog are for information purposes and awareness AGAINST scam and illegal acts. You are solely responsible for your actions regardless of what you read on this blog.

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