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Wednesday, April 1

How Credit Card Scam Works

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Although there is no end to the opportunities in which a hijacker, skimmer or identity thief can take full advantage of the credit card information that he has stolen, there are two ways. Firstly, to generate false credit cards, known as cloning, using the information. They can make multiple copies of the card, which can then be used like any other card, relatively cheap. These are then used or distributed by the fraudster to complices who purchase things from suspicious merchants. It can also be sold at its own discretion to fellow criminals. In addition, it makes it difficult for the authorities to trace the stolen cards back to them in a short space of time (a great way to maximize their profits before they are discovered). Another way credit card thieves can take advantage of the information that they steal is through the online market to sell to fellow criminals. The “Carder’s Forums” colloquially function mostly on the dark web, where cybercriminals buy and sell credit card information away from the prying eyes of the legislation.

How to stay safe from these scams?

Your credit card details are at risk for theft in today’s age of information. Fortunately, by keeping your card information additionally secure, you can try to avoid credit card fraud. Take care of scammers who try to make you give up details of your credit card.

1- Maintain security for your credit cards:


The protection of your credit cards against theft is one of the easiest ways of avoiding credit card fraud. Put your credit cards in your bag or wallet next to your body, where they can hardly be picked up. When you shop on a highway you can take a smaller bag because it’s harder to steal and hang in. Carry one or two credit or debit cards, both for men and women, which you will use that day. Leave the remaining credit cards at home. Thieves can use a camera or a mobile phone to take photos of your credit card so don’t allow your credit card to be exposed longer than necessary. Put away your credit card immediately after making a purchase. Before leaving your shop or restaurant, confirm that you have your credit card in your possession.

2- Shred anything on your number of credit card:

Don’t direct the billing statements of your credit card into the trash; normally your full number of credit card is printed in due time. Shred them from getting your hands on your credit card number to keep the dumpster divers. The same goes for the expired or canceled, old credit cards. You can go further and put the shredded pieces in various trash bags for the extra eager thieves that could put together some shredded pages.

3- Do not sign receipts for Blank Credit Card:

Always check before signing the receipt on your credit card. You can write $0 or draw € 0 in those areas before you add your signature to the card when you receive a CREDIT receipt that includes blank spaces. If not, the cashier could write a sum and send the buy to your issuer of the credit card.

4- Avoid providing information about your credit card:

Just give your credit card number or other sensitive calls information. Not only that, use the numbers at the back of your credit card when you call your credit card issuer’s customer service. Do not return calls to your answering machine’s phone number, or send them to you by email or text. It is difficult to be certain that a scammer has not left a fake number to call. Do not give anybody who calls you to request a number your credit card number. The credit card thieves are known to present your credit card number to credit card issuers and other companies.

5- Be aware of online credit card scams and be safe:

Do not click on email links from anybody who looks like your bank, credit card company or other company that uses your personal data, although the emails seem legitimate. These links are often scams and scammers want to get you in the wrong web site to enter your login information. Instead, go directly to your account at the company’s website. Make sure when using your credit card online, you are cautious. Just enter the number of your card on secure websites that are 100% safe. Search the https:/ address bar and lock it in the bottom right corner of your web browser to ensure a website is secure.

6- Immediately report lost or stolen credit cards:

As soon as you report a missing credit card you can cancel your credit card as soon as possible and avoid fraudulent charges. Reporting your lost or stolen credit card will decrease the chances that you will be required to pay fraudulent charges on your credit card as soon as possible. Write down the customer service number of your credit card companies now so that you have them if you ever lack your credit cards.

7- Each month, check your billing declarations:

The first sign of credit card fraud is unauthorized charges on your credit card. You will report the charge to your credit card issuer immediately if you notice any charge you don’t make no matter how small. If you are going to close your account and obtain a new account number to prevent credit card fraud, the credit card issuer will tell you.

8- Make your passwords strong and keep them safe:

A number of places can store your credit card number online. You can, for instance, save your Amazon credit card in order to shop with one click. Make sure that you use strong, upper-and lower-case passwords, numbers as well as even characters and don’t write or share your password.

9- Check the Credit Card Skimmers Gas Stations and ATMs:

Sometimes credit card thefts place credit card skimming devices in gas pumps or ATMs on the credit card reader. These skimmers collect and store information on your credit card and theft credit cards later on. The skimmers are inserted on a regular credit card swipe. If you look anywhere else, go to another gas station or ATM. If you swipe your credit card.



Disclaimer: Contents of the blog are for information purposes and awareness AGAINST scam and illegal acts. You are solely responsible for your actions regardless of what you read on this blog.

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