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Wednesday, April 1

How To Be A Successful Yahoo Boy – Requirements And Secrets

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Regardless of how delicate yahoo yahoo can be, it is still one of the fastest ways to make wealth. Learning the secrets of making money online as a coded yahoo guy is extremely intense that is it involves passion and consistency to make wealth via yahoo.

I have previously discussed on topics like the yahoo military dating format and credit card scam, you can check them out.


There are some requirements needed in becoming what you’ve always wanted as a yahoo guy and they include:

1. Get a good laptop

As a yahoo guy, this is the first thing that you must acquire in order to make things easy for you. The laptop has to be of good specifications which include a speedy processor, high ram size of 4gigabite and above, a good hard disk, internet modem, internet subscription, constant power source, and webcam. The following are the necessary things needed on your laptop to get started as a Yahoo guy,

– Grammarly

As a yahoo guy, your client expects to get the best vocabulary from you that is, you must be able to speak fluently and not sounding like you are a learner. So if you are having difficulties with the use of vocabulary, this will help you in text correction and spelling check. Grammarly makes your grammar satisfactory and automatically detects potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in writing.

– Dating Apps

These apps will make it easy for you as a yahoo guy to look for clients to start a conversation with. There are several dating sites where you can get things done with ease. All you need do is to look for the best sites where you can get the apps downloaded, some of this sites includes livedatematch.com, eHarmony.com, OkCupid and so on. Often times, it is best to start with dating as a beginner because it will help you in knowing all you need to know as a starter.

– Virtual Private Network(VPN)

In this case, since most client already believe that people from Nigeria are not trustworthy, this belief has affected their perception and therefore, it is most difficult to get clients from other countries. With the VPN, you will be able to hide your IP address from your clients. You need to take note of the VPN so that you will be able to get your prospective client from other countries.

– Create social media accounts online

You have to be familiar with social media accounts like Facebook, snapchat, Twitter and Instagram before you start the yahoo yahoo business fully and this is better done early so that, there would be no suspicion. After visiting the dating sites and you’ve got a client, you can as well move them over to the social media accounts too. Don’t forget that your face can’t be seen as your display picture, make sure you look for a very attractive picture to entice them and make them stay.

– Get a foreign number

Have it at the back of your mind that when inviting your client to your social media account, you can’t let them see your number as a Nigerian. So you have to get an international number, to continue your conversion with them it is more like hiding your identity to make them believe you for what you are not. As a yahoo yahoo guy, your creativity matters a lot because it helps you, especially when playing games.

– Chat more with clients on google hangout

This is basically important should in case you get blocked on facebook and any dating sites because of obtaining a new account but this may not last for long, so pending the time that this happens, you can move your conversation with your client to google hangout. It serves as one of the best and safest place to bring your client to since both dating sites and Facebook can’t be trusted, google hangout works like Facebook messenger it is instant and enables quick chat and response.

Download a cloning App

As a yahoo guy, deciding on the gender you will be using is Paramount. Generally speaking, disguising as a female will be of more advantage here because most men will fall for the enticement of a lady or woman, there is a kind of force that pulls a man to a woman most especially beautiful women. Choosing to be a male too can also work well but it depends on what you want to achieve as a yahoo guy. You should look for a way to appear very trustworthy to your client as a yahoo guy in order to succeed. There are some requirements needed to start cloning:

I. Gender- male or female

ii. Country- present location

iii. Country of origin- USA, UK or Germany

The cloning app will enable you to use any face you want and different voices of both male and female.

How the Yahoo format work

Often times, some clients are very smart they can tell when one is lying or not, as a Yahoo yahoo guy you have to be smart and do things with all consciousness.  The yahoo boy format will help you get money form your prospective clients. The following yahoo boy format will be needed and it includes:

1. A businessman staying in a foreign country.

2. A wealthy man in a foreign country and was kidnapped and in need of help.

3. Military personnel living in a foreign country

4. Someone seriously in love but needs to treat a disease.

Some other yahoo yahoo guy formats include:

– Collect your client’s account details

The relationship between you and your client should be very strong before you ask them for their account details or credit card details. Once a transaction transpires between you both, then you can proceed by giving out their information to a hacker to complete it for you.

– Always make the first attempt to send a gift

As a Yahoo guy, you need to find a way of penetrating your client in such a way that they begin to tell you everything about them, they start missing you whenever you aren’t around, you become part of them. All these will enable you to have the chance to send them gifts but in return, you get more than what you’ve given.


Disclaimer: Contents of the blog are for information purposes and awareness AGAINST scam and illegal acts. You are solely responsible for your actions regardless of what you read on this blog.

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