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Wednesday, April 1

How To Become A Credit Card Yahoo Boy

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Being a credit card scammer isn’t a day job. There are certain procedures to be followed or identified before becoming a credit card scammer, these principles are essential because it enables you to outsmart your colleagues in the yahoo yahoo game business. These principles or procedures are usually broad and not extinct.

In this article. We will cover both the fundamental tutorials and advanced techniques that will be used in order to be a successful credit card scammer. Before we climb another step of the ladder, don’t forget that a credit card as it sounds is a card that makes one purchase things without payment. It has been classified into two types abroad and these are,


1.Debit card

2. Credit card

These cards look so alike but the only dissimilarity is what is carved on it that is the debit and credit.

The following are the necessary things that every credit card scammer should consider before collection of funds from their clients. This vital information includes:

1. Credit card name

2. Credit card number

3. The card expiry date

4. The CVV

The major reason for this post is to make you understand the ways by which funds can be gotten and this will also enable quick spendings. All these information are vital and no credit card holder will let go of such details not especially to scammers like you and me.


As a fresh starter yahoo yahoo guy, this is one of the questions that will run through your mind, questions like why is it a necessity to use a credit card, when other cards are available?. Well, as I mentioned earlier, credit cards enable you to purchase things without having a penny in your bank account. For instance, imagine loading a credit card with a sum of $30,000 With your clients’ money, not forgetting that you can have the opportunity to withdraw $100,000 or more with your client card. This is another reason why a credit card is regarded to be the best type of card to steal via the Internet.


The principle of how credit card works are straightforward. The credit card is always linked to your credit account, it is more or less like a plastic card issued by banks to account owner. It enables you to purchase things without making actual payment. In order words, you can collect your money like a loan and can be using it bit by bit. Don’t forget that the money being spent is not yours but for the bank and you are only using it on credit via the credit bank account. The spending limit for every credit card account is constant so therefore, you can’t tamper with or spend more than the amount that has been fixed that is its limit when making a purchase.


The question above has always been a bone in the neck because without knowing how to become a credit card scammer, you won’t be a successful credit card scammer. Below are the steps to becoming what you have been dreaming of and if this step can be followed, I can assure you that you will start making funds through it.

1. Client search

As a fresh yahoo guy, before knowing the techniques of getting credit card details from your client, this is the first step to take. You can also make use of the dating formats By enticing them, making them trust you, make them fall madly in love with you, make them feel way too important and so on. Basically, not all client are easy to penetrate and if you don’t know your way around them, then you can’t get what you want. Don’t forget that there are websites you can visit when searching for clients. All you need do is look for a client, entice them, you can also lie about your job, income, etc if you have to so that they can give you what you need.

2. Learn phishing.

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by disguising as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication. Learning phishing is like having a website where your client can use their credit cards and with this, you can easily have access to their credit card information. There are several methods you can use to get those details, it depends on the type you want to use. Phishing requires the following steps:

a. Get a domain name

b. Host the phishing website

c. Create the website

d. Then you can proceed to get the credit card details from your clients.

You can also create your website in a way that it fits into your strategy.it could be from government tax website to shopping websites.

3. Buying from the dark web

Often times, getting credit card details from clients might take time and most of them might not want to drop such details too because of other reasons. If things like this happen, you can proceed to get the information you need from the dark web. They will be willing to sell to you for an agreed sum of money but you have to be careful too because you might get scammed in the process too. To avoid been hacked or scammed as a fresh yahoo guy, the following steps should be taken note of:

1. Download the Tor browser

2. Install a VPN and activate it

3.  Activate your Tor browser

4. Then visit this site and see the link to onion sites

5. Then visit the market place for credit card sales

While doing all these, make sure your VPN is a strong one, so that you won’t end up being hacked or scammed. Take note.

4. Learn carding

You must learn the process of carding if you want to become a successful credit card scammer. The issue of credit card is now rampant that as new techniques arise, everyone wants to make sure they learn more in order to get more credit cards hacked. The rate at which the use of credit card is increasing is so much that the world will end up becoming a cashless state.


Disclaimer: Contents of the blog are for information purposes and awareness AGAINST scam and illegal acts. You are solely responsible for your actions regardless of what you read on this blog.

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