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Wednesday, April 1

How To Become A Successful Internet Scammer

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In recent times,  several methods have been derived to enable one to become a successful scammer.  A swinger or scammer can be said to be a person who cheats or steals from people but in  this case,  we will not be doing any of these but we will be dealing with successful techniques that can be used in order to accomplish what has been  proposed, so that the success of being a scammer is achieved.

A yahoo boy must be skilful in order to be successful in what he does. With your skill as a scammer,  you will be able to get things done in the right way, to the right people or prospects. Below are the skills needed to be a successful scammer.

1.Thinking out of the box

As a successful scammer, you should be able to outsmart your client by doing certain things all by yourself without even bothering to ask anyone for help. This involves things like getting a way to penetrate your clients and making he or she fall for your tricks. Dating formats should not be the same line of story over and over, because not all clients will fall for the same words. You should always find a way of having your way around them and with this,  you will definitely make them fall for your invite.


2. Smooth Talker

Another skill as a  scammer is that you should be able to make your clients feel way too important and loved. With that you will have the key to both their brain and heart and they will believe every word you say to them. Let’s say you are trying to get the attention of a client you can use words like “hi gorgeous,  I’m  ready to spoil you and take good care of you.” Any lady or woman that sees this message will definitely be tempted by your gestures. With this, you will win her over.

3. Obtaining information

You must be able to get the right information that you need even when it becomes difficult to get. Most clients might not want to give vital information to you even if they feel loved. So all you need do is to find a way of penetrating them well enough to get want you want.

4. Ability to convince

If you can’t earn the trust of people or make them believe you, then you can’t be a successful scammer. People can be very difficult, therefore making them believe you should be what you should know. The way you present your information matters a lot. for instance,

Mr. A presents something better than Mr. B, I will definitely prefer the former due to his manner of presentation.


The steps include:

1. Findings about your client

You must have gone through the best dating sites and gotten a potential client but this does not stop here because you will have to know a lot of things about them this is where research comes in. You can get their social media handles so that it will enable quick findings about them.

2. Be friendly, but watch it

Being friendly with your client is good but you have to be careful so that you won’t be giving chances for doubt. You don’t have to push the interaction between you and your client, make your chats formal but not too formal so that they don’t feel bored by your reactions. Ensure that you keep things between your client as simple as you can ever imagine and always have at the back of your mind that you have a plan try not to ignore it.

3. Get a format

You must be able to give the right responses to every conversation at every time. Having a laid down plan or action before saying your first greetings to your client is great.Having a detailed plan of how you want to interact with your client will help you not to make errors that might lead to losing the client to another person. There are several dating formats that can be used and of course, they are easy to comprehend and works for virtually everyone.

4. Groom your client

The secret behind grooming your client is putting your trust in their heart. At this point, you can appease them by giving them free gifts as we all know almost everyone likes free gifts. This can go a long way too.

5. Set the trap

At this point, all you need do is to identify the need of your clients and strike by getting their funds. Some might need a sex partner, innovative business personnel and so on. This is very important so that you don’t act outside the cycle.

6. Be patient

When you offer gifts to a client, make sure you don’t push them to make decisions so they don’t suspect a thing because one’s patience can be tested during this time. To hasten your plan, you should try and bring up conversations relating to your idea, discuss deep into it and make sure you do this in a way that it will stick and make them want to do your bid.


scammer online

The tools needed to be a successful scammer will really help in the long run and make things very easy for you. They include


This will help you as a scammer to hide your address. often times, some client might be good technologically, so you have to ensure that they don’t get to find out.


It helps in cashing out your money, it doesn’t need a bank verification and it reduces the risk of being caught.

3. Grammarly

To avoid errors while interacting with your client especially for those that understand and speak fluently, you can always get an error detector to correct your errors.


When chatting with your client and you notice a particular format or plan isn’t working out, you can always switch to another format so you won’t lose your client

The above information is enough to guide to becoming a successful scammer and of course make anyone fall by yielding to your formats.


Disclaimer: Contents of the blog are for information purposes and awareness AGAINST scam and illegal acts. You are solely responsible for your actions regardless of what you read on this blog.

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