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Wednesday, April 1

How To Become A Yahoo Boy In Nigeria (Beginners’ Guide)

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The Internet has stood out to be one of the indispensable sources of income with little or no hassle. We are dependent on the Internet to make new connections, to execute financial transactions, to earn our daily living and several other day-to-day activities.

With so much happening over the World Wide Web, it has become the ideal place to make tons of dollars just by being smart and making good use of the brain. While many have taken to the Internet as their primary source of income, the uninformed still works about on the street wasting precious time that would have been used to generate millions with just an internet connection and a laptop.


Yahoo yahoo in Nigeria is one lucrative business exclusively for the smart youths, who like other businessmen in the world leverage on others to climb to greatness and reach their goal.it is only the ignorant in the society condemns the smart and great intellectual work of a yahoo boy.

Most youths that are into the yahoo business has upgraded to yahoo plus and do yahoo plus rituals because they believe that the regular yahoo no longer pays.success has only one principle and like it widely said: “only the oriented people become successful”. There is need to become the best in whatever business you choose to venture into and be a top-figure in it, and this is why such upgrades I aforementioned in this article is paramount to keep up with the daily changes occurring in the business.

The Basic Tactic

The basic tactic of yahoo is the one that you disguise as someone else and try to bill your client for some money. If you want to become a successful yahoo boy, then you have to combine the knowledge of simple yahoo with something more sophisticated.

Email Blasting

I guess you may have come across such emails before. You can decide to use this method and bomb your clients. To be a professional yahoo boy in this niche there are tools you need before you can then decide to blast emails to people – especially white clients. 

Dating Scam

This is top notch as long as yahoo yahoo business is concerned. Most people believe it is for newbies but I do not totally agree. It basically involves pretending to be in love with your client until you make away with their money. You have to impersonate a beautiful young lady or a young man as the case may be, so as to gain their trust and love.

Once you are finally able to convince them, you can then make smart moves with their money


In this method, you pretend to come from a wealthy family and entitled to huge wealth and would like to partner with your clients or sell off some property to them, and when they make transfer zoom you go smartly leaving no trace behind.

There are a lot more, but II won’t be able to mention all here.

My last words to you “if you want to own what 1% of the world’s population owns, then you must be willing to do what 1% of the world’s population did”

Thinking and getting rich starts today.


Disclaimer: Contents of the blog are for information purposes and awareness AGAINST scam and illegal acts. You are solely responsible for your actions regardless of what you read on this blog.

About Author

I share various yahoo formats, tricks, news and updates in the game. Feel free to follow the blog if you are enthusiastic about learning the dirty secrets behind how young people use illegal means to break free from poverty, live lavish and fuck up their haters.


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