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Wednesday, April 1

How to do Credit Card Top Up – CC Topup Guide

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This tutorial is extremely useful for you if you have a credit card and you want to put additional money or credits on it to make massive money. Sometimes the money on your credit card isn’t enough to make important transactions, so you’d like to save or pay off your card. Regardless of your credit card, it’s relatively the same procedure.


I already talked about how to become a credit card yahoo boy.

Easy ways to topup credit card:

Internet/online account

A simple and quick CC retrieval tutorial can be found right here: You should log in and choose the upgrade option in your account if you have an internet account to manage your savings. Choose the value of the funds you want to buy and confirm the transaction. You should select the option’ Pay Now’ or a similar to continue the process if you have the details of your credit card saved into your account.

Through Vouchers

Sometimes, the local stores sell the popup vouchers. Purchasing them is an easy process; you should just go around and find them compatible with our bank.

The special principle applies to top-up vouchers. The process usually goes that way. Log in and go to the top-up page of your account. You should have the option of settling your voucher. You must have to choose it. You should enter the voucher with a 16-digit code and proceed to it. Sometimes, you have to wait for the vouchers to be applied to your general balance. It usually takes up to 24 hours, but it usually happens much earlier. Credit card-top-tutorial.html.

Credit card auto Top-Up

A popular option to add your credit card automatically is available. If you do not want to do so manually, you should also check this option. Different banks have different definitions of auto add up options but generally, when your balance falls below a set figure, it is an automatic refill of your card. If your card supports an auto supplementary function, you should tie it to the balance from which you want to transfer credits and choose the amount of cash it puts on your balance each time it falls under the count selected.

Using Paypal

You can also add a PayPal account to your credit card by connecting it. You should search for “Add my PayPal account” on your account, then agree on the PayPal official website’s terms of use. Your credit card balance on that website is regularly supplemented–you simply need to adjust your options to your preferences.

Topping up with the Card

Read the terms to add a wallet for a credit card. Connect to the account for the wallet. On the “Top-up” tab, click “Wallet” Select a credit card and give your phone number to receive a password. Please enter the details for the card on the processing site: number of the card and the expiry date on the back of your card. Please check the code of the card –the last three digits on the rear of the card. Enter the security code and click on “Pay.” Check the correct completion of the form.

Setting your own Preferences

Whether you prefer rewards or rewards in cash is the biggest decision you have to make. You must decide whether to have a general travel card or airline or hotel card when you choose travel rewards. You will also have to decide if you want flat rates of awards or the chance to receive bonus rewards, etc. If you leave the process, it can become complicated and try as much as possible to simplify it.

Using your Credit Card for Maximum purchases

The more credit cards you put into, the easier it is to pay off. No, it’s not an invitation to spend money on things you don’t need to do. Instead of using the cash or debit card wherever possible, it is an encouragement. For example, you can use a credit card without paying a fee for some utilities. You can even put some or all payment on your car by a car dealership. Start by looking for a credit card instead of another method of payment. However, if your credit card is paid by a merchant, make sure that you have a higher payment than you would get in rewards.

Managing the Credit Score

Your issuer sends a credit card report to the three main credit agencies every month Each month. This report includes the calculation balance of your credit use ratio. However, that information will not necessarily be transmitted at any point in your accounting cycle after your monthly payment. When you charge your card a lot every month, your credit use is low. Whenever you are used to making mid-cycle payments. This helps to calculate the amount of your loan by 25 %.

This is a good way to collect a lot of points for all spending with only one high rewards card. However, it is a good way to increase the number of cards you have earned that you spend more on the merchant classes then use them strategically.

Avoid Using Non-Profitable Methods

It’s easy to get carried away by trying to use your card for everything but don’t let it go so badly that it’s not worth doing anything at all. The majority of credit cards include cash advances and equilibrium transfers. We also need to note that it is generally charged for both activities. And there is no grace period with cash advancements, so interest begins to grow immediately. Take pleasure and leave without a transfer of balance.

APR Promotions could help you Top-Up your Credit Card!

You can just use the credit card promotion if you have received debts from a credit card or need to make a major purchase which you do not have any cash to cover. You can avoid the high finance charges that would come with the use of your normal card by selecting a card with a long 0% rate on purchases or balance transfers. Just look for balance transfers and make sure you pay on time. If you don’t, your deal may be canceled and you may finally pay interest.



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