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Monday, April 6

How to Get Gift Card As A Yahoo Boy

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What are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are now nearly everywhere you can find. Usually, these cards are issued in electronic stores, food stores, libraries, and department stores. These gift cards are now provided by small and big businesses to encourage customer loyalty. The documents are gradually disappearing now and are becoming a thing of the past.

Uses of Gift Cards

It may seem impossible to start buying and selling gift cards, particularly if the idea is conceived. Initially, the purchase and sale of gift cards may seem impossible. It’s all right if you feel like that, it’s also normal. This company could become exactly what you need. In selling gift cards there are many ways to make money. There are certain ways to sell gift cards for money: Gift cards are usually top choices during holidays and special gifts seasons. The cards allow the customer or the receiver to select the item or product they prefer.


It is therefore extremely easy for business owners to obtain these cards at these times because they only have one aim–to attract more consumers.

You can look for websites to sell your gift cards and many people do not use these cards according to statistics, which gives your company a great opportunity to get a card. Instead of being unused, and of an amount less than the real value, the customers will be more than willing to sell their card. 

Getting the Yahoo Gift Cards

I’ll advise you to read this content until the very end if you want a huge cashout with gift cards from the Yahoo game. Two times, you don’t have to look at the title of the article, it didn’t make any mistake. I shall be disclosing one of the Internet’s closest secrets. All right, perhaps not so “closely guarded,” but still a secret. You have seen a lot of ads, people say he’s got iTunes gift cards. But you don’t know exactly what it’s and what they’re doing. Review what? You will find out how clever Yahoo boys run the iTunes Gift Card scam.

Well, I’ll explain how Yahoo scams gift card format works and how you can pick up your client’s iTunes card within two hours. You need not join any club or do Yahoo plus rituals, Yahoo juju for Yahoo or yahoo plus or the Yahoo boy orientation (OT) is necessary for as many people as you wish to make it a career. Doing herbal rituals or herbal medicine will not take you anywhere, but will destroy the very end of your life.

Know about Yahoo Boys

The web service provider named Yahoo boys, “Yahoo!”. The timeline was employed to refer to young men who use Yahoo! Mail (Gmail was not that popular then) to commit Internet scams in Nigeria. Anyone currently engaging in internet scam as a way of livelihood, or “yahoo boy,” does not like young men in that country, so what else would you expect them to do for their livelihood?

Role as a Yahoo Boy

You must master the art of disappointment as a yahoo boy. To do nothing, including usernames, passwords, credit card data, etc, to gather the information you need regarding your clients. You should be well advised to write persuasive messages in your preys. Above all, a broken moral compass must be present. 

Recently, gee boys have found a new type of scam for their victims to get money. You are about to find out how you do this. It is known as the iTunes Gift Card scam and generally gift cards.

How does the Yahoo Gift Card scam work?

Yahoo boys are now using a gift card from iTunes, the Amazonian gift card, a steam gift card, and others since the money sending services from Jand cast. Some customers have told Yahoo boys that they pay up to $31,000, they are smart. Apple had to post the notice below on its card page. It happens so frequently. “iTunes Gift Cards are only available on the iTunes Store and App Store to purchase goods and services. In the event of a payment request using iTunes Gift Cards, you should report it on ftc.gov/complaint outside of iTunes and on the App Store.

It’s all about convincing your customers to buy cards. The customer succeeds in this conviction and can buy the iTunes gift card online or in a store. You will then email the card code to the yahoo boy, who then drain out or cash out the value of the gift card.

Since the start of online romance scams in Nigeria Yahoo love scam format and the idea of Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Sephora, Apple Store card, Steam card, an iTunes card billing formats are now available.

Yahoo boys are commonly referred to as a gee boy looking for the latest Yahoo scam format because white people (customers) are becoming more knowledgeable in giving even their credit card detailed information to scammers on Facebook or SMS, and the old means of sending funds wired by paying or offline is readily marked as scam and EFCC-arrested people.

Why Gift Cards?

There is no rule, iTunes must be. A lot of other gift cards can easily serve the same purpose. They include Gift Cards from Amazon, PayPal; Reloadit and Vanilla, and reloadable cards like MoneyPak. In essence, any card with a cash value. Analysts have however suggested that iTunes gift card is used for the halo effect of the Apple brand. In other words, the more you think that Apple can’t do wrong, the more likely you are to be fraudulent in this way.

Yahoo boys used iTunes Gift card to solve the major problem of being paid. The former payment method (wire service) became harder. Victims hear warnings and don’t use so much money; Nigerian law enforcement agencies have been hanging around banks waiting for a suspect to receive funds from the wire service. So the gift card for iTunes.

Since the wire services are quite difficult to reverse iTunes payment, dollar movement is almost untraceable, and the Nigerian Gift Cards market is thriving where you can easily sell Amazon Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards. There is also a prosperous dark market.

Where To Sell Gift Cards?

There are several websites to sell gift cards, some of them are paxful, LocalBitcoins, cardtonic, afrbtc, patricia, lordtech e.t.c


Disclaimer: Contents of the blog are for information purposes and awareness AGAINST scam and illegal acts. You are solely responsible for your actions regardless of what you read on this blog.

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