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Wednesday, April 1

How To Make Money From Sugar Mummy In Nigeria

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Most young men of our generation don’t find it interesting to work or look for a white-collar job and it isn’t really their fault per se but as a result of the reduced rate of employment in countries especially like Nigeria. This has resulted in the search for sugar mummies and thus has helped youths make ends meet.


Sugar mummy is an older woman who spends money on a younger man usually in exchange for companionship and/or sexual favors. Making a sugar mummy spend for you depends on some things like if she’s into you or you satisfy her well. The basic objective of having a sugar mummy is to satisfy her needs sexually and when this is done, your financial status will explode like a bomb within a few months. Mind you, this method of satisfying a sugar mummy is one of the easiest ways to make real cash so when satisfying her, do it well.


There are several ways to get money from a sugar mummy but mind you, before making money you have to look for one that is a thorough search for one not just anyone but a wealthy one. Below are the ways by which you can make your sugar mummy spend for you,

1. Love and adore her wholeheartedly

It is not usually easy to love and adore an older woman but for the sake if what you want to get from her, you will have to even if it takes your time to learn how to. Most of these older women are smart and once they don’t feel loved, you won’t get a dime from them but if they keep showering money and love on you then you should know that they have seen and studied you for a while. The whole gist here is that, even if you don’t love them, try acting it well because the more you show or act it, the money your money.

2. Be very romantic in every ramification

If you want to get more money from you sugar mummy, you need to be very romantic for serious business. Like I said earlier, it is not always easy to fall so deeply for an older woman, but these same older women like younger guys that are romantic in fact that is one of the things that drive them crazy about a younger man. They will do anything you ask them to do as long as you’ve gotten hold of their heart and this can be a very good opportunity to suck them dry. Making a sugar mummy feel special will always ring a  bell in her head, and once the thought of you occupies her head she wouldn’t want to let you go. You can go as far as waking her up in the morning with sweet text messages and calls, tease her, play and flirt with her at all times and so on.

3. Satisfy her sexually

The urge to get satisfied sexually by a younger man is what sugar mummies chase after and since they can’t get it from their husbands, they look elsewhere for it. So, therefore, you must be super hot and good in bed to attain a position of a very high preference. Nowadays, you are being approached by a rich sugar mummy, you should know the kind of job you have gotten and you will, of course, get a double portion of the bargained amount.

Your skills in bed will determine if she will hold on to you or let go. If you pass the stage of letting go to the stage of holding on, it means you have gotten a jackpot because she will do anything to keep you from other sugar mummies.

4. Do not cheat

Cheating on your sugar mummy most times might end up ruining the relationship between you two. It is advisable to stick with just one but if you are smart enough, then you can keep two but make sure they don’t find out at all. Basically, they detest seeing their man with a young lady so they talk about it beforehand so you don’t go on violating their rules or instructions. If you have to cheat on her with your side chick, just make you do it far from her vicinity so that she won’t find out any traces of double dating.

5. Always be there to help

Apart from satisfying her in be, you should be the man for her, stand by her in times of difficulty, give her words of encouragement and do other things that a real man will do. If you stand by her in times of difficulty, then you will make her trust you and you will soon become the millionaire you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Dating sites

This should be the first place you visit when searching for a sugar mummy. Here, you make sure your profile is very catchy, then proceed to send messages to the woman of your choice. You can also take it from relationship to yahoo yahoo.it depends on you.

2. Expensive clubs

Most of the sugar mummies are rich and well known so they hardly go to places that aren’t of their status. To visit places like this in search of a sugar mummy, you will have to invest in things like,

– clothing




– Body cream, spray, etc

You have to look expensive to draw the attention of expensive women.

3. Physical locations

When you are going out for an event or to places that are very important, make sure you look presentable because they can be seen anywhere, move with the right set of people so that you can get links, have the ability to do the right thing at the right time always. As you are looking out for sugar mummies, most of them are seriously looking for young men that can satisfy them. Be wise in your decisions and research


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