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How To Make Thousands Of Dollars A Day As A Credit Card Scammer

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This is an interview with a full-time scammer in Brooklyn, USA. He was able to walk us through the shady, lucrative, lavish and deep world of stealing credit card details of people on the dark web and turning it into millions of dollars.

According to him, name withheld, he has been into credit card fraud for more than 10 years and the scam is just getting more popular.

Credit card scam has been getting more popular over the past decade. Losses due to this fraud topped $24 billion worldwide in just 2016 alone, half of this sum affected credit card holders in the US. With an almost unlimited amount of money to be made with credit card scamming, some tech-inclined scammers also known as yahoo boys have turned ripping off credit card details into a full-time gig and it does pay them well.

This particular scammer has walked us through the process, showing us how he purchases stolen accounts on the dark web (onion web), he then goes ahead and print pilfered numbers on blank cards and buys thousands of dollars worth of goods online or offline with the stolen money. He also gave a vivid explanation of how and why he got into the game in the first place—and what it would take for him to get out.

Feel relaxed and watch the video below for more details:



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