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Wednesday, April 1

Credit Card Yahoo Tutorial – By Bamzyriches

Those who know me know that CC Topup is what I do. If you follow me on Instagram @official_bamzyrichess or snapchat, it won’t be new to you. I have bought two houses in South Africa and several cars doing this.

This is also what people like Hushpuppi, Bnaira and others do to make a lot of millions and live lavish lifestyles.

Do you want to be like us?

A lot of you guys have been disturbing my inbox asking me to show you the way. I ignore most of them because I don’t have time for anything that’s not benefitting me.

But I have decided to teach a few people…

As you know, I don’t talk too much cos I don’t have time to waste. This is a no-dulling season, don’t get it twisted.

I am willing to teach you all you need to know about credit cards, office 365 spamming, topup and other related Credit card tricks.

I won’t be able to go into details here because we don’t know who is watching and I don’t want to cast this.

How Much You Will Pay?

You will pay me $200 worth of bitcoin for me to introduce you to the world of credit card riches.

I will give you a guide I already have, very composed of screenshots and packaged with all the required tools to help you from A to Z.

If you are ready, follow the instruction below.

How To Get It?

I only accept payment in bitcoins. I cannot accept payment to my bank account, I can’t allow snitches to send my details to the reds.

Send $200 worth of Bitcoins to 15M94xBpPzZdzSAv6c3XFETG5zoQnXE6DW.

After that, send me a mail to officialbamzyriches@gmail.com with your screenshot of payment and title it “I have paid and I am ready to learn”. Also, include your Whatsapp number in the mail.

Once I verify your payment, I will first send you the full package to go through it and some tools. Then I will add you to a Whatsapp group where I added all gees. You can ask me any question after that.

If you send me a mail or Instagram DM before paying, I won’t reply to you.

For Those Complaining About The Price…

I cannot bring the price lesser than $200. Cos I only need serious people that are ready to break free from poverty.

If you feel $200 is too much to learn CC then you are not ready to make good money. Either you buy or not doesn’t have an effect on my account, I just want to help a few people who are willing to help themselves.

NOTE: I will soon stop this training.

If you don’t cash out with CC Topup after buying this guide, then you need to do soap because it means witches from your village dey follow you.