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Wednesday, April 1

Military Dating Formats For Yahoo Boys

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The military men do a lot of things to protect their countries, risk their lives for the sake of others, leave their families behind and so on. With all these qualities, they are loved by the citizens of the country because of their dedication and commitment to their people. One of the formats that can be used by yahoo guys is the military dating format. They take advantage of the love and affection derived from people via their jobs and this really works fast because most white people fall for these formats.

The military format is a way of disguising as a military man in a distant place fighting for the country and against terrorist. You will make your clients feel pity for you by telling them how much you are suffering and still not getting any assistance from the government of the state or country. All you need do is make them believe everything you say so that they won’t bother you by asking you to call them or do face time with them. Don’t forget that before you proceed as a yahoo boy, you must have gotten enough information about the military system of a country for example America, so that you won’t fumble when talking to your clients about it because you never can tell who is who.


The military format is another method that every yahoo guy should know because its one of the best method to bill any client you meet online. Before we proceed, let’s check the merits and demerits.

Merits of  the military dating format

1. It increases the emotion of your clients towards you.

2.  It eradicates phone calls and video calls, you can also send videos from peoples Instagram account.

3. The fact that you are military personnel will automatically make your clients fall for you without thinking twice.

Demerits of the military dating format

1. Virtually everyone uses it.

2. Most people staying in America and other countries already know about it.

3. You might find it difficult to convince your clients that you are a military person.

Ways of using the military dating format to scam any client

There are numbers of requirements needed by a yahoo boy to carry out a military format scam

1. Get a US number

This is the first thing to do in order to convince your clients that you are a citizen of their country. Mind you, you will have to pay a sum of money to get it done. After this, they might be tempted to call you but mind you, you will have to cajole them that you won’t be able to take calls due to poor network coverage.

2. Download military pictures from Instagram

The most advisable place to get pictures is from Instagram because virtually everything you need is there. To keep the relationship going, you have to Let them see pictures of you most especially in your uniform. The steps to getting pictures are:

– Get the Instagram app should in case you don’t use it

– Go to the search bar and check for the keywords like US military, military men, US soldiers,  and more to search for relevant pictures.

– save as many as possible from Instagram because they might be useful.

– make sure you edit it and make it real and convincing.

3. Visit dating sites

This military dating format work side by side with the dating format. All you need do is search for clients that are seriously in need of a lover and penetrate them. Examples of some dating sites include:

– okCupid

– eHarmony

– Ourtime

– Plentyoffish

– Badoo

– Facebook and Instagram too can function as a dating site in most cases.

4. Move your clients to WhatsApp

Moving your clients to WhatsApp will make you appear very real especially when you’ve got an international number (US). When you’ve successfully moved your clients to WhatsApp, you can now start by telling them personal things about you. for instance, your full name, location, the school you attended, your position or rank in the military, the number of Countries you’ve traveled to as a result of promotion and many more. All these are just to make your client feel secured by knowing the kind of military personnel she’s dealing with and your sense of maturity should be applied.

When can you make use of the military dating format?

This questions usually run through our minds. As a yahoo boy, you need to know when to strike that is, you must get things done at the right time when necessary depending on the type of person your client is. You should take note of:

– If your client is old enough

– if she doesn’t keep friends so that she won’t start talking to her friends about you

– you need to know the type of person he/she is.  If he/she is a kind of person that focuses primarily on his/her own mind, feelings, or affairs.

– Ask her questions about scammers, if she has been scammed before or not, if he/she has any idea about Nigerian scammers or yahoo boys.

You want to succeed through military dating format, then do your assignments well, ask questions if you can but be mindful of your manner of approach just so any trait of scam is not perceived. Once you play your game well, then you shouldn’t lose your client to any nonchalant attitudes and therefore, wait till you get your own share of your money from her.


Disclaimer: Contents of the blog are for information purposes and awareness AGAINST scam and illegal acts. You are solely responsible for your actions regardless of what you read on this blog.

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