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Wednesday, April 1

Western Union Carding Tutorial – How To Cashout Western Union

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Western Union is an American company that deals with financial services and communications, it deals with person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments, and commercial services. It performs transaction from one location to another and it is global and not just limited to a particular city or country. Money is deposited at a small shop or store and the recipients will be able to collect his or her money from another branch located elsewhere.

Western Union requires the use of credit cards and these cards should not just be used for transferring money either through hand to hand or through banks but should also be used to purchase any item of your choice without delay.

Tools needed for a successful western union carding

Here, it is always better to make use of the right tools to avoid delay or problem during every transaction,if your present details doesn’t correspond with your future details then you will find it difficult to explain to the western union workers this is why it is very necessary to avoid such because little things that you don’t even mind matters a lot.  The tools needed for a successful western union carding includes:


1. A valid credit card: you have to make sure that your credit card details are accurate and it includes, credit card holder with your date of birth, social security number(SSN), mother maiden name, family name and so on must be provided.

2. Socks: it is described as  Socket Secure and it is an Internet protocol that routes network packets between a client and server through a proxy server. As a credit cardholder, you need a stable VPN as a while transacting to avoid internet failures.

3. Making a call spoofer and forwarding: making a call will automatically make you appear real, so this is necessary and will also be needing them to trust you. Whenever you make an order, make sure you call and give info about your order so that they will be cleared. This will help you hide your true identity.

4. Make a call to forwarding service: A call from them will be received by you to also verify your details and order. Don’t forget that they need to be sure of your identity.

5. Western Union Account: this account will be needed but you will have to make use of full when creating it.

The Western Union Carding Method and Tutorial

1. The first thing you need to do is to get a valid VPN, 911 is preferable. This VPN must be strongly connected with the credit card holder’s place. when it is connected, you can create a new account with your credit card information. A message will be sent to your mail for confirmation after this confirmation, just log in to your new account and move to the next step.

2. Here, we will be talking on how to transfer money via the account. Before sending the money, you have to be specific about the total amount you will be sending afterward, choose a processor means of transferring to the receiver. When sending cash, you can try the cash method since the receiver will be collecting it hand to hand. If you don’t know about other means don’t try sending a huge amount of money so that you won’t be asked to try other means of verification.

3. The next step is to select the sending method. You will have to choose between the debit card or credit card. But since you started with the credit card, you will just proceed to the next step.

4. Here, you will have to fill a form for the recipient’s details by filling the necessary details and also including the CVV data. Before submitting, you need to take your time to go through all what you have filled, there might be a need for correction. When it is reviewed, you can then proceed to pay, your Money Transfer Control Number (MCTN) will be sent to you for tracking your money transfer.it’s important to keep your tracking number (MTCN) safe. You will be called upon when your money transfer is delivered, make sure you end the call and call them back through spoofing and don’t forget to use voice changer should in case you are pretending to act as either as a male or female so play safe.


Disclaimer: Contents of the blog are for information purposes and awareness AGAINST scam and illegal acts. You are solely responsible for your actions regardless of what you read on this blog.

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