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Wednesday, April 1

Yahoo Plus Rituals – All You Need To Know

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There are thousands of cybercrime in the world which include internet fraud, hacking, and many more but the most practised type of scam in Nigeria is the internet fraud usually referred to as Yahoo Yahoo.


How Yahoo Boys Do It?

This is the system by which youth go over the internet to claim identity which they are not; making friend with people from other countries all in the name of defrauding them after a long mutual relationship has been created. This system usually carried out by creating a fake social media profile of either a man or a woman but that of a woman is the most used approach as women tend to attract men with their appearance and many men will want to associate with them.

After this relationship has been made, then the scam session begins which is usually referred to as billing. This time, the fake woman’s profile is being used to request for money from the foreign partner usually referred to as client using a different approach like claiming to be sick, having an accident, need to pay bills or house rent and many more. Some claim to have a property for sale. These are just the basic methods used to scam a foreigner on the internet.

Digging Deep – Yahoo ‘Plus’

Now let’s go deeper, talking about the yahoo rituals popularly known as yahoo plus which is an extreme at which internet fraudsters (yahoo boys) go to make riches. Yahoo boys go to this extent when the basic scam logics are not working out well or not giving enough money as expected. The basic logic can only sustain us in buying clothes, shoes and gadget. Who doesn’t like to get a ride or have a beautiful house? This is the question that pops up on one’s mind when doing this, then the thought of adding the plus comes in.

“I have had a lot of experiences doing yahoo yahoo, while my friends were busy riding cars and lodging in different hotels which is usually our abode after scamming our client online, I then could only boast of expensive wristwatches, clothes and iPhone device and after spending lavishly, we sometimes go bankrupt. So, we have no other choice than to use supernatural powers to hypnotize our clients online.

I took a bold step to ask my richer friend how they are able to make such a huge amount of money to afford a house and a nice car, and then I got the answer I needed. The answer is what took me and two other friends to a remote village in Ogbomosho, Oyo State where my friend took me to a woman who requested for my laptop and phone, took it to the shrine and gave us some things to rub on our hand before we chat and some to lick before we talk to our clients.”

The voodoos are very effective that you don’t need to talk much before a client start sending thousands of dollars without complaining. Now I can also afford to lead expensive lives like my friends. The voodoo is used so that the victim otherwise known as a ‘client’ will fall in love deeply and obey all instructions and commands given especially when asked to send money.

Why Is Yahoo Plus Special?

Apart from the fact that yahoo plus gives more money than the basic yahoo yahoo, it also is a way of taking the stress out of making money as a yahoo boy. The native doctors or the Islamic and Christian clerics which some other people may patronize usually prepare the charms to ease making money. Yahoo Plus is the best trick to apply in an online dating scam.

Some go through the process of using ladies in the cause of charming their victim by having sex with them and wiping the girl’s private part with a handkerchief and the handkerchief will be taken to their native doctor or cleric to finalize the voodoo package. The new trend used now is stealing a lady’s used pants or used sanitary pad and taking them to the native doctor for concluding the rites and this will bring sudden riches like someone just hit a million dollar jackpot.

On a concluding note, the activation of the Plus makes yahoo yahoo a quick and sharp way of making money even though some of these strategies has repercussions while some do not.


Disclaimer: Contents of the blog are for information purposes and awareness AGAINST scam and illegal acts. You are solely responsible for your actions regardless of what you read on this blog.

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